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Afrin/Syria: Repeated targeting of indigenous minors

On 13th March 2024, a displaced person in Jenderes city in Afrin region killed the 16-year-old Kurdish child, “Ahmed Khaled Mamo” from “Al-Hammam” village in the Jenderes district, in a heinous manner. The perpetrator, called “Yamen Ahmed Al-Ibrahim” is 18 years old, comes from the Sinjar district of the Idlib countryside. Ahmed was beheaded and stabbed several times, then thrown …

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Jenderes crime: A new chapter in the series of preventing indigenous people from practicing their culture and rituales

The funeral of the victims of Nowruz Genders. Photo: from social media

The Jenderes incident which claimed the lives of four Kurdish men on the eve of Newroz, came as another episode in a series of violations repeatedly and systematically against the indigenous Kurdish population committed by the Syrian armed factions supported by Turkey since it occupies Afrin on 18th March 2018. The “Jaish Al-Sharqiya” faction dominated the scene of events after …

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