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Lelun’s report on human rights violations in Afrin region during October 2023

Olive season in Afrin - photo from the archive

Armed factions affiliated with the Syrian National Army continue to repeatedly commit violations against indigenous people and their property in Afrin region and its environs continually. The frequency of these violations increases and becomes more frequent during the agricultural seasons, especially during the olive harvest season, for which the Syrian region of Afrin is famous. The “Lelun”s team monitored some …

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“Lelun” Report On Human Rights Violations In The Afrin Region During August 2023

Violations in August 2023 in the Afrin region - Picture source: from the archive

The Afrin region witnessed continued violations by armed factions affiliated with the Syrian National Army against indigenous residents and those returning to their villages and cities from displacement places, as they demanded from some returnees to pay financial ransoms ranging from 200 to 5000 US dollars per person, according to the charge against him/her, under the pretext of regulating their …

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Afrin: Victims’ families waive their right to claim against the armed groups’ violations

One of the graves of the village of Dimelia that was destroyed - Image source: Exclusive to “Lelun”

Since the “Olive Branch” operation started in 2018, Afrin region has been subjected to a series of systematic violations, for several reasons, including those that occur deliberately and target the indigenous population, and others as a result of the security chaos. Many people refrain from claiming their rights or filing complaints after they have been subjected to any violations, for …

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Afrin: A new attack on a member of the “Peshmerg” family by gunmen

The child "Nazmi" after being assaulted by gunmen - Photo source: exclusive to "Lêlûn"

Violations against the “Peshmerg” family did not stop at the “Newroz 2023” crime in Jenderees, in which four young Kurds from one family were killed by “Sharqiya Army” faction. Rather, these violations continued to include repeated threats and attempts to target family’s members. The latest of which was the attack on grandson of the family by an armed group believed …

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Joint Report — Syria/ Türkiye Earthquake: Widespread and Recurrent Violations During and After the Humanitarian Response

STJ's photo shows part of the response operations to the devastating February 2023 earthquake in Jenderes/Afrin.

Executive Summary This joint report documents a wide range of human rights violations that accompanied and followed the humanitarian response to the catastrophic earthquake that shook Syria on 6 February 2023. These violations and abuses included discriminatory search-and-rescue orders from some parties to the conflict, prevention or impediment of life-saving aid entry, discrimination in aid distribution, confiscation of all or …

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Syria: Satellite Images Reveal Extensive Logging in 114 Forest Patches in Afrin

Extensive illegal logging at the Deir Sawan forest patches in Sharran in the Afrin region, controlled by several factions of the 3rd Legion of the Türkiye-backed Syrian National Army. Taken in November 2022. Credit: STJ.

Executive Summary In this report, Syrians for Truth and Justice (STJ) and Lêlûn Association for Victims in Afrin reveal illegal logging operations in 114 forest sites in Syria’s Kurdish-majority region of Afrin. Based on the extent of the concentration of tree-cover loss, STJ monitored: High degradation of the forests in (57) locations, where perpetrators cleared the forests almost trees entirely. …

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