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Joint Report — Syria/ Türkiye Earthquake: Widespread and Recurrent Violations During and After the Humanitarian Response

STJ's photo shows part of the response operations to the devastating February 2023 earthquake in Jenderes/Afrin.

Executive Summary This joint report documents a wide range of human rights violations that accompanied and followed the humanitarian response to the catastrophic earthquake that shook Syria on 6 February 2023. These violations and abuses included discriminatory search-and-rescue orders from some parties to the conflict, prevention or impediment of life-saving aid entry, discrimination in aid distribution, confiscation of all or …

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Syria: Satellite Images Reveal Extensive Logging in 114 Forest Patches in Afrin

Extensive illegal logging at the Deir Sawan forest patches in Sharran in the Afrin region, controlled by several factions of the 3rd Legion of the Türkiye-backed Syrian National Army. Taken in November 2022. Credit: STJ.

Executive Summary In this report, Syrians for Truth and Justice (STJ) and Lêlûn Association for Victims in Afrin reveal illegal logging operations in 114 forest sites in Syria’s Kurdish-majority region of Afrin. Based on the extent of the concentration of tree-cover loss, STJ monitored: High degradation of the forests in (57) locations, where perpetrators cleared the forests almost trees entirely. …

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Syria/Afrin: 155 Syrian Organizations Condemn the Killing of Kurdish Civilians on the Eve of Celebrating Newroz

Syrian Arabs and Kurds protest in Jindires town in the Afrin region. Holding the slogan "5 years of injustice, enough!", the protestors condemned the killing of 4 civilian Kurds for celebrating Newroz/Nawroz. Credit: Photojournalist Ammar al-Zeer.

On the eve of Newroz, corresponding to March 20, 2023, some fighters of Jaysh al-Sharqiya Faction/The Construction and Liberation Movement, affiliated with the Turkish-backed opposition Syrian National Army (SNA), killed four unarmed Kurdish civilians in Jindires city in Afrin countryside, northwestern Syria, on the backdrop of celebrating Newroz Day and lighting its bonfire; one of the most essential rituals adopted …

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Press Release: Activists Launch Lêlûn Association for Victims in Afrin

We are a group of activists from the Afrin region. We decided to establish the Lêlûn  Association for Victims to bring all victims from Afrin together and support them. We also seek to coordinate redress and justice efforts with other victim associations across Syria. Our objectives are justice and restoring rights to their owners. Therefore, we intend to turn Lêlûn …

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Curricula in Afrin: Between “Turkification” and Restrictions on the Kurdish Language

تلاميذ سوريون أثناء إحدى الحصص يحملون الأعلام التركية بعد العام 2018. عفرين/سوريا. المصدر: Anadoluimages

Invoking the spirit of Article 43 of The Hague Regulations of 1907, Article 47 of the Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits the occupying power from making fundamental changes to the institutions and laws existing in the occupied territories 1. Background Contemporary Syria, since its inception, has not once witnessed official recognition of the Kurdish language, with its use constantly banned in …

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