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Lelun Association For Victims’ participation in the Forum on Minority Issues – sixteenth session in Geneva

Participation of Lelun member “Kawa Omar” in the Geneva Forum - Image source: From a video published on the official website of the United Nations

Member of the Lelun Association for Victims, Mr. Kawa Omar, participated in the sixteenth session of the Forum on Minority Issues in Geneva, which was held over in 30 November and 1 December 2023. The representative of the “Lelun Association For Victims” delivered his speech at the forum, noting the violations that the Afrin region has witnessed since its occupation …

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Baadanli village/Baadina in Raju district - Image source: Exclusive to “Lelun”

The areas under control of the armed factions of the Syrian National Army loyal to Turkey are witnessing continuous and ongoing violations in addition they restrict the indigenous population. Turkish intelligence is also participating in increasing the pace of ongoing violations, especially those occurring in the Afrin region since its occupation in 2018 until now. Violations were numerous this month, …

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The Lelun Association For Victims’ Speech at the Forum on Minority Issues in Geneva in its sixteenth session

United Nations Headquarters in Geneva - Image source: exclusive to “Lelun”

My name is “Kawa Omar” from Afrin; the Kurdish region in northern Syria and I speak on behalf of the “Lelun Association For Victims”. Here, from this platform, I would like to convey to you the suffering of our people in the Afrin region, which Turkey has occupied since March 2018. Afrin’s indigenous Kurdish population has suffered from widespread violations …

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Motivated by poverty: Afrin’s displaced people return to Afrin and are forced to pay sums to the factions

Al-Maabatli town - Afrin. Image source: “Lelun”

As a result of the worsening cases of extreme poverty in displacement places, indigenous families were recently forced to return to their villages and homes in Afrin region, most of whom are from Aleppo, Lebanon, and Shahba areas. According to what some of people returning to the region told Lelun, the reason is due to the poor economic conditions, the …

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