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Syria/Afrin: An international human rights report talks about human rights violations in Afrin

On 14th May 2024, the CEASEFIRE Center for Civilian Rights and the Kurdish “YASA” Center for Human Rights Studies and Legal Consultations issued a detailed report on the violations to which civilians are exposed in the Afrin region by armed factions affiliated the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army under the title “Escalating human rights violations in Syria’s Afrin”. The report was …

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Syria/Afrin: Dissatisfaction of the Jenderes crime victims’ families about the Al-Rai Court decision

The Military Court in Al-Rai of the Syrian Interim Government - Image source: from the Internet

On Wednesday, 17th January 2024, the military court in Al-Rai city in the northern countryside of Aleppo, which is under the control of Syrian opposition factions, issued a death sentence against three members of the “Jaysh al-Sharqiya” faction of the Syrian National Army and acquitted another for killing four Kurdish citizens on the eve of Newroz night, 20th March 2023. …

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The Lelun Association For Victims’ Speech at the Forum on Minority Issues in Geneva in its sixteenth session

United Nations Headquarters in Geneva - Image source: exclusive to “Lelun”

My name is “Kawa Omar” from Afrin; the Kurdish region in northern Syria and I speak on behalf of the “Lelun Association For Victims”. Here, from this platform, I would like to convey to you the suffering of our people in the Afrin region, which Turkey has occupied since March 2018. Afrin’s indigenous Kurdish population has suffered from widespread violations …

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Lelun’s report on human rights violations in Afrin region during October 2023

Olive season in Afrin - photo from the archive

Armed factions affiliated with the Syrian National Army continue to repeatedly commit violations against indigenous people and their property in Afrin region and its environs continually. The frequency of these violations increases and becomes more frequent during the agricultural seasons, especially during the olive harvest season, for which the Syrian region of Afrin is famous. The “Lelun”s team monitored some …

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Syria: Human rights violations in the Afrin region during September 2023

Violations in September 2023 - Image source: Exclusive to “Lelun”

Armed factions under various names affiliated with the Syrian National Army are continuing to commit violations against most of the indigenous people of the Afrin region without any respect or consideration for the difficult living situation experienced by the people. Especially, those recently return from displacement places to their villages and farms, trying to regain their homes and lands. But …

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Joint Report — Syria/ Türkiye Earthquake: Widespread and Recurrent Violations During and After the Humanitarian Response

STJ's photo shows part of the response operations to the devastating February 2023 earthquake in Jenderes/Afrin.

Executive Summary This joint report documents a wide range of human rights violations that accompanied and followed the humanitarian response to the catastrophic earthquake that shook Syria on 6 February 2023. These violations and abuses included discriminatory search-and-rescue orders from some parties to the conflict, prevention or impediment of life-saving aid entry, discrimination in aid distribution, confiscation of all or …

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