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Syria/Afrin: In light of a major media blackout, a citizen dies under torture in the prisons of armed factions

On 20th April 2024, the administration of Al-Rai Prison informed the families of the detained Kurdish citizen, “Jangin Othman Naasan” 36, from the “Ruta/Al-Mazoula” village in the Maabatli/Mobata district. His family – his grandmother in the “Gazeah” village near Afrin city center to receive his body from the hospital in Al-Rai town in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, where he …

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The Lelun Association For Victims’ Speech at the Forum on Minority Issues in Geneva in its sixteenth session

United Nations Headquarters in Geneva - Image source: exclusive to “Lelun”

My name is “Kawa Omar” from Afrin; the Kurdish region in northern Syria and I speak on behalf of the “Lelun Association For Victims”. Here, from this platform, I would like to convey to you the suffering of our people in the Afrin region, which Turkey has occupied since March 2018. Afrin’s indigenous Kurdish population has suffered from widespread violations …

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“Five Years of Injustice are Enough!”

Table of Contents Executive Summary 4 Methodology. 6 Large-Scale Property Seizures. 8 Public Facilities Were Also Seized. 10 Property Seizures Expanded to Jindires’ Suburbs. 11 Victims of Multiple Violations. 11 Armed Seizures. 12  Violations Against the Yazidi Minority. 13 Bafilyoun Village Grab. 13 Properties Confiscated for Military Purposes. 15 Torture and Ill-treatment. 17 Tortured and Killed Five Years Later by …

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