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“Five Years of Injustice are Enough!”

Table of Contents Executive Summary 4 Methodology. 6 Large-Scale Property Seizures. 8 Public Facilities Were Also Seized. 10 Property Seizures Expanded to Jindires’ Suburbs. 11 Victims of Multiple Violations. 11 Armed Seizures. 12  Violations Against the Yazidi Minority. 13 Bafilyoun Village Grab. 13 Properties Confiscated for Military Purposes. 15 Torture and Ill-treatment. 17 Tortured and Killed Five Years Later by …

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Syria/Afrin: The U.S. Government Response to the Jindires Crime

Jindires - Afrin

The killing of four Kurdish individuals in Syria’s town of Jinderes in the Afrin region, northwest of the country, sparked a massive wave of indignation and denunciation in Syria and abroad. Syrians and Kurds across the country and Europe protested to express solidarity with the victims’ families and their demands. The families called for holding the perpetrators accountable, providing surviving …

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Syria/Afrin: Protests Held Worldwide Condemning the Jindires Crime

Protests Held Worldwide Condemning the Jindires Crime. The photo: from Shiar Khalil

Renouncing the Killings of four Kurdish civilians on the 2023 Newroz Eve in Jinderes town by members of the al-Sharqiya Army faction, after they lit Nowruz fires in front of their house, a number of Syrian and Kurdish activists around the world organized several initiatives and various activities across European and Arab capital cities. These activities included peaceful protests and …

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