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Syria/Qamishli: A cultural symposium in commemoration of the 12th anniversary of the artist “Muhammad Ali Tijo”

Symposium speakers, from right: “Jwan Ibrahim - Suzdar Rashid - Khunav Othman - Sharif Muhammad” - Image source: from the HRRK page

The Rojava Intellectuals of Kurdistan Union (HRRK) in his center in Qamishlo held a cultural and artistic debate to memorialize the twelfth anniversary passing of the popular artist “Muhammad Ali Tijo” under the title “Muhammad Ali Tijo, the Memory of Chyayi Kurminj- Kurds Mountain”. The debate began with the screening of a documentary film about artist’s life, the most important …

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“Oral Epic Literature in Afrin” during the Qamishli seminar

Member of the "Lelûn Association for Victims" writer "Walid Bakr" during the evening - the photo belongs to "Lelûn"

To highlight the importance of “oral literature” in the lives of peoples and nations, a member of the “Lelûn Association for Victims”, the writer “Walid Bakr” from his place of forced displacement in the city of Qamishli / Qamishlo, gave a lecture devoted to talking about “Oral Literature in Afrin”, in the presence of a number of intellectuals and who …

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